Quick Guide for Paying Hongkong Profits Tax! 香港公司收到账单到底怎么缴税?

After submitting the 2017/18 audit report to the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department, you will continue to receive the tax assessment notice from the Hong Kong Taxation Bureau nowadays. 

Everyone will have doubts, “What are the ways to pay this tax?” Here we have compiled a detailed method for paying Hong Kong profits tax.


Quick Guide for Paying Hongkong Profits Tax! 香港公司收到账单到底怎么缴税?

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Pay In Person


  • Bring a payment slip to any post office in Hong Kong for payment in cash or by cheque.


  • You can pay in cash at any 7-11, OK, VanGo and Hong Kong China Resources Vanguard supermarket in Hong Kong. 


Quick Guide for Paying Hongkong Profits Tax! 香港公司收到账单到底怎么缴税?

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The maximum amount of each payment is 5,000 yuan. It is recommended to keep the receipt after payment.


Telephone Payment 


A “Private” account is required to pay the tax by telephone. You can use your bank card to open a PPS account(缴费灵) at any of the PPS terminals which you can find at most of the service centers. 


Quick Guide for Paying Hongkong Profits Tax! 香港公司收到账单到底怎么缴税?

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Since the billing account number of each tax bill is different, you must call 18013 to register your bill before paying, and then call 18033 to pay the tax. The business number of the Hongkong  Inland Revenue Department is “10”.

由于每张税单的收款账号都不相同,所以须在付款前先行致电 18013 登记账单,然后致电 18033 交税。税务局的商户编号为「10」。

ATM Payment 


You can use the HSBC and Hang Seng Bank ATMs to pay. Just bring your bill to any HSBC or Hang Seng Bank ATM with the “Payment Service” logo and choose “Payment Service” to pay. If necessary, please keep the receipt as proof of payment.

Quick Guide for Paying Hongkong Profits Tax! 香港公司收到账单到底怎么缴税?

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Postal Payment 


Send the cheque together with the bill of payment to the commissioner of the Inland Revenue Department, “28282 Mailbox, Gloucester Road Post Office, Hong Kong“. After the cheque cleared, the Inland Revenue Department will send the receipt at the address printed on the payment slip or payment slip. If the receipt has not been received after 3 weeks of payment, you can call the Inland Revenue Department hotline at 187 8033.

把支票连同缴费单寄回“香港告士打道邮政局邮箱28282号税务局局长收”。支票收讫后,税务局会按照印在缴款回条或缴款单上的地址寄出收据。如在缴税 3 星期后仍未收到收据,可致电税务局热线 187 8033 查询。

Quick Guide for Paying Hongkong Profits Tax! 香港公司收到账单到底怎么缴税?

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  • Do not nail cheque and the bill of payment together! 


  • The cheque must be underlined and marked as “Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government” and the payment account number of the payment slip should be written on the back of the cheque. 


  • Mailing cash or promissory notes will not be accepted. 


  • Make sure that the delivery time and postage are sufficient to deliver. Letters with insufficient postage will not be accepted. 


If your Hong Kong company account is an HSBC or Hang Seng account, you can contact HACOS or contact our consultants for a more convenient tax payment method.


Of course, if you don’t apply the above methods, you can ask HACOS for help to pay!