Advantages of patent application


  • Protect technique and monopolize market
  • Improve enterprise’s innovation ability and core competitiveness
  • Supported by honor and qualification policy 
  • It’s the essential condition for applying for new high-tech enterprise and science and technology project
  • Increase enterprise assets
  • Patent is salable, which is good for the listing of enterprise and refinancing  


  • Get equity
  • Become inventor
  • Obtain academic title and go abroad
  • Study abroad
  • Immigrant 
  • Awarded marks for National College Entrance Examination and Unified National post-Graduate Entrance Examination  

Types of patent application 

Industrial Design patent


Industrial Design is the creative design based on the shapes, patterns and colors or the combination of them of products and is applicable to industry. 

Protect the unique design of product and the innovation of package.  

Patent for Utility Model


Patent for Utility Model is the new and utility technical proposal based on the shapes and structures or the combination of them. Protect the shapes and structures of products and other micro-innovation. Get the license quickly.

Patent for invention


Patent for invention is the new technical proposal based on products and methods or the improvement of them. Protect the invention achievements and avoid losing scientific achievements.

PCT international patent 


Occupy international market and protect international patent as soon as possible. 

HACOS Advantages

Professional agent team 

Extensive cooperation with government departments, professional team with rich experience in arrangement, application and approval 

Previous assessment

Professional consultants that are proficient in government news help solving problems online and remarkable planning team helps arrange project and make special service projectplan

One-stop service experience

Provide comprehensive solution project, including taxfinance, finance tax and patentNormalize clients’ information and database, which is convenient for managing the cases later

Complete management processes

Three-level review Three approval system, first approval by consultants, review by engineers and final approval by managers, ensure the success of application Mature material system improves efficiency and ensure success rate.

Procedure of patent application 


Telephone and on-site consulting 

Free assessment 

Judge patent type and the possibility of application for free

Cooperation confirmation 

Sign agent contract and confidentiality agreement  

Documents approval 

Prepare and submit documents and follow the status 


Mail patent license quickly

After-sale services

Free for patent annuity, file saving and supervision, inform of status and application for policy allowance

More consultation in patent business

Patent analysis 

Payment for patent annuity

Invalid reply of patent 

Training of intellectual property


Knowledge about patent 

  • Patent Law of PRC
  • Procedures of HACOS patent agent service 
  • Methods and classifications of patent retrieval 
  • Instruction for patent application 


  • How long does it take from application to authorization in patent for invention patent?
  • Does it have to pay annuity after authorization?How long is the period of validity of patent for invention patent?  
  • What is substantive examination of patent?
  • Under what condition will patent be invalid within the valid period of patent?
  • Will the application be 100% successful? 2018 China patent data statistics.