Why Hong Kong company

Choose HACOS and get 7 value-added services for the future development of your company

  • Business center address registration
  • CPA authenticated documents 
  • Business secretary service 
  • Zero declaration 
  • Lifelong free of joining HACOS entrepreneur alliance learning salon
  • Assist in bank account opening 
  • Professional accountants consulting service

Financial status


Hong Kong is the world-renowned financial trading port and is convenient for foreign exchange

International image 


Positive international image, increasing international status of enterprises and product competitiveness

Policy advantage


Hong Kong company doesn’t need to pay tax if there is no profit, which helps accumulate capital quickly. 

Logistics advantage

 Huge and mature logistics advantage in air, sea and land, improving the efficiency of arrival of goods 

Simple and fast 


simple procedures and easy to start business; no need for real working office in local and start business with low cost 

International reputation 


 Hong Kong international reputation makes your foreign investment more trustworthy 

You can 

Register company expeditiously within 1 working day at the soonest

Choose online application and it takes about 1 to 3

working days or 1 working day at the soonest

Simon Jonesy

It's a good choice for me.

General registration 

Submit signed papers and forms and it takes about 7 working days 

Roberta Frinci

It's an ideal way.