Got problems in finance and tax?

HACOS is ready to help you! 


1.Hard to understand the policies due to language barrier.

2.Fail to control the cost for business with a small capital.

3.Want to remove hidden dangers risk and risks due to financial confusion.

4.Without professional accountants even company has been established for a long time.

5.Fail to keep updated when policies are changed. 


1.Local service helps get over with the policies.

2.Easy bookkeeping helps savinge the cost.

3.Clear finance and tax help remove hidden dangers and risks. 

4.Professional accountants provide professional services.

5.Comprehensive solutions helps keep up with the latest news.

HACOS helps to solve finance and 

taxproblems and do business easily


Senior accountant team offers first-rate bookkeeping service and solve finance and tax problems .

Finance and tax planning

Being familiar with the tax policies in foreign trade, our professional accountant team can make reasonable tax plan and provide you with a comprehensive tax solution project.

Tax rebate

Concentration on export services, high credit in custom, high efficiency in clearance, tax rebate and real-time settlement of exchange.

Finance and tax consultation

Offer comprehensive services to satisfy clients’ bookkeeping needs.

HACOS finance and tax service

HACOS finance and tax service
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