HACOS Business Services is a company that provides the client group of foreign invested trade enterprises with investment consultation service, international logistics, international trading and financing of foreign trade.

In May 2014, the three founders, HARVEY, NICO and JESSIE had established HACOS Business Services in their average age of 27, offering services including incorporation, tax and accounting, visa and intellectual property to foreign businessmen in Guangzhou. HACOS is not only in the lead in company scale and client amount but also obtained many related honors and qualifications within only two years. 

As a brand that specializes in providing foreigners and foreign-owned enterprises with business services and solutions, HACOS has helped companies from over 120 countries and areas in company registration and the amount of closed cooperative companies has raised more than 2000, which is highly regarded by clients. Additionally, low customer churn rate, high renewal rate and over 50% referral rate help to build a good image for HACOS and lay a solid foundation for later development. With the same clients and business teams, HACOS established international logistics company and import and export company by investment with other excellent enterprises, forming a completed service chain with the original consulting service and offering competitive service to our clients.

Our Founders









HACOS value, Excellent Service, Efficient Execution, Persistent Effort and Greatful Heart, and its work concept, Happy, Cooperation and Share, are attracting more and more like-minded team partners. 


Work hard, Play hard!

 In HACOS, you can keep a balance between work and life, relaxracharge in company library with a cup of coffee, join outdoor activities you love and enjoy high tea and oversea travel.


Cooperation is always an indispensable part in a company fulled fulling of warmth and energyHACOS emphasizes interior service which attracts lots of like-minded team partners, and we regard our brand culture as instruction and attach importance to client experience and service details


Professionlism casts qualityBeing professional is quality and sharing achieves creates future. We hold various activities across the country: masters sharing lectures, knowledge sharing of Industry and ,Commerce and, tax and accounting, foreign trade salon, welfare sharing and festival party... HACOS injects continuous energy and support for your enterprise.


Business instruction, life assistant and friendly partner for foreigners in China.

Main honor

 Certificate of Accounting ,Member of GZAEFI  ,Member of CCPIT  ,NVOCC Qualification Certificate,Member of Guangzhou acting Accounting Industry Association 

Member Certificate Professional Committee For Foreign Business Consultance.

HACOS Associations 

In order to create an atmosphere of reading, exercising and thinking, HACOS established Running Association and Reading Association, enhancing team spirit.


Slogan: Can’t Stop Running

Aim: Cultivate a good habit of running for

everyone Theory: Promote a healthier lifestyle for



HACOS built a mini library to achieve knowledge sharingWe are a team learns together, learns through the whole process, persists in lifelong learningthat is full-staff learning,whole-course learning,lifelong learning and is good at learning, to make progress in both company  and along with staffs.