Why do enterprises need to register trademarks?

Trademark right 

Trademark right can protect the demands of business and the rights of trading, and making products by original equipment manufacture. In the case of infringement by others, trademark owners can gain compensation. 

Essential condition for business 

It is the essential to register import and export customs and to manage quality testing and bar code. condition for enterprises to enter e-commerce and markets online, to register import and export customs and to manage quality testing and bar code. 

Available for transaction 

Chinese present actualtrademark volume is over 500 million. Trademark transaction, such as transfer and authorization can bring profits.

Prevent others from registration

There are more than 5,000 Chinese characters and the good name is on the decrease. If Trademarks is registered by others or used unwittingly , it will cost a lot. 

Enjoy state subsidies

Trademark registration in provincial level or China famous brand can not only enjoy tax reduction and exemption but also trademark protection.



All trademark cases would be declared on the same day; three working day for reference number; three months for notice of acceptance and 11 to 13 months for trademark certificate. 


Passing rate of application is up to 98% contributes to rich experience in tough trademark cases. We are Formal registration organization, national high-tech enterprise and previous team members from Trademark Office.


100+ services 


10 years experience.

Processes of trademark registration 

  • Preparation phase  
  • Formaly accept of managemet 
  • Substantive examination    
  • Announcement period
  • Certicate obtaining  
Preparation phase  

Professionals in intellectual property analyze and check similar trademarks, optimizing the success rate of trademark registration and providing suggestions. 

Verify the documents provided by clients and prepare letter of authorization of trademark registrationArrange. 

Make formal trademark application required by trademark office and submit documents. 

Formaly accept of managemet 

Consultant of intellectual property will manage the notification and mail express it to youinform you the status and progress of trademark application with in message. 

Substantive examination    

Substantive examination is a process of trademark registration organizations examining to check if the application is in line with the stipulations in Trademark Law or not.

After information searching, trademark certificate is issued if there is no abnormalopposition condition. Decisions of examine and approval or rejection will be made after analyzing, comparing and investigating. 

Announcement period

After formal examination and substantive examination and three months’ announcement period, trademark certificate is issued if there is no abnormal condition. opposition.Consultant in intellectual property will follow the status of application and will inform you at once if there is any opposition.

Certicate obtaining  

After trademark examination, the registration is finished if there is no opposition.

Consultant will inform you of the certificate and mail it to you as soon as possible.

Archive CRM system management  

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