Visa services

  • Resident permit  
  • Visas for family members   
  • Visa extension     
  • Abroad visa    
  • Hong Kong visa    
Resident permit  

Resident permit

Resident permit is a legal permit and non-immigrant certificate that allows foreigners to work in China.

General procedures: prepare documents --apply for working permit -- apply for temporary Z visa or temporary resident permit -- apply for working card -- apply for resident permit.  

Visas for family members   

Visas for family members 

Qualified family members (spouses, parents and underage child) of foreigners with working card or resident permit can apply for this type of visa.  

Visa extension     

Visa extension 

HACOS provides foreigners and enterprises in all scales with diversified professional services, including legal visa services for foreigners(such as application services of visa issuing,extension, changing and reissuing for foreigners in China)

Abroad visa    

Abroad visa  

As a platform for business service solution,

HACOS offers accurate, comprehensive visa consulting and visa application services, covering American visa, Schengen visa, British visa, and etc.

Hong Kong visa    

Hong Kong visa

Foreigners can’t enter Hong Kong with passports directly have to apply for Hong Kong visa legally.

Advantages of visa

Work and stay in China legally 

Multiple entries and exits

Reunite with family in China 

Participate in Hong Kong exhibitions and seek for business chances

Experience international trip and business cooperation 

Enjoy life in China 

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