Why Hong Kong company must make audit and declare tax?

Expensive penalty
  • First overdue penalty is no less than 1,200 HKD
  • Second overdue penalty is no less than 3,000 HKD
Court summons 

Director will be blacklisted and be

imprison 6 months at most 

Compulsory cancellation 

Company will be forced to cancel

Account frozen  

Company bank account will be frozen

Why choose HACOS to declare tax for Hong Kong company 

Potential market 


Choice for Hundreds of enterprise and clients from over 120 countries around the world

Professional team 


Many-to-one consultant service and top professional consultant team protect your enterprise operation. 

Communication with governments 


HACOS keeps friendly partnership with governments and gain trust from them

Overseas reception


HACOS has global Hong Kong company with efficiency and guarantee in registration 

One-stop service 


Professional accounting team with years of experience in tax and accounting provide one-stop service


Sign contract

Sign service contract with HACOS 

Arrange materials 

HACOS helps collect and prepare necessary materials 


Collate bills and make company annual statement for accountants to make audit and submit audit report to government

Pay tax 

Prepare relevant documents for clients and clients pay tax to Inland Revenue Department

Tax declaration modes of Hong Kong company

It is essential to pay tax truthfully if company wants to operate in Hong Kong 

Zero declaration


Applicable to company without operation


  • In Hong Kong, company without operation can do zero declaration directly
  • Company with operation must make account to declare tax

Make account and declare tax

Applicable to unlimited liability company with operation 

There is no need for unlimited liability company with operation and business to make audit. After making account, company can declare tax to Inland Revenue Department directly according to accounting statement. 

After making account, limited liability company should declare tax to Inland Revenue Department  with the auditing report made by Hong Kong auditors. 

Make account and auditing and tax declaration 

Applicable to limited liability company with operation 

Account can be made each month as well as each year at a time. Normally, auditing is once a year. Unlimited liability company can declare tax directly after making account while limited liability company has to declare tax with auditing report made by Hong Kong licensed auditors.