What is Food and beverage service license?

Food and beverage service license is an essentiala production qualification proof for food processing enterprises. It is illegal without this license.

Application requirements 

Business operation site

The site of food processing, packaging and storing with matched food variety and amount should be clean and neat and be kept away from harmful, toxic and polluted sources. 

Equipment and facilities

The site should be equipped with facilities matched the food variety and amount and equipment for degassing, clothes changing, washing, lighting, ventilating,aczoiling, ratproof, sewage treatment and garbage disposal. 

Equipment layout and production processes 

The equipment layout and production processes should be reasonable. Foods to be processed and raw material should be separated from ready-to- eat foods , raw material and finished products to avoid contact with toxic and feculent stuffs. 

Necessary documents

Two business licenses(original one and duplicate)

Application form of Food and beverageb service license

Company stamp

Identity card copy of legal person 

Orientation diagram of business operation site

Planar graph of business operation site 

Information of food safety administrator

Registration address and others 

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