Advantages of opening Hong Kong bank account opening 

It is convenient for international trading settlement 

There is no capital control or limits and it allows capital deposit and withdrawal freely in reasonable situation

Multiple convertible currency

Easy operation and convenient trade for online banking service

Bank account opening refusal 

Bank manager asked me to buy finance products or he/she will refuse to manage my bank account opening

Bank manager asked me to provide other documents for my documents are unqualified

Bank manager refused to manage my bank account opening because I have no Chinese company 

I received an refusal email from bank only stating the reason of administration reason 


Control account opening amount 

Governments and banks control the bank account opening amount due to high market saturation and increasing empty accounts 

Failed in interview 

Can’t gain the trust from bank in interview for lacking of experience 

Government financial supervision 

The financial supervision from nation and the world is getting stricter, which leads to stricter conditions for account opening 

Clients optimization 

It is the business rule to optimize clients 

Incomplete documents 

Unqualified,business and capital are related to sensitive countries or regions.

HACOS Hong Kong bank account opening service 

Fast account opening 

HACOS keeps a closed cooperate relationship with banks and makes appointment through VIP service, solving schedule problems

Assistant and company 

English consultants will keep guiding accompanyingthe whole process and oral consultation before the bank interview, avoidingdifficulties and traps in account opening 

Brand guarantee

Rich experience, great reputation, high quality and extraordinary brand ensure the success of account opening  

After sales service 

Company information managed by CRM 

Do not need to look around for accounting company if you need tax and accounting service, we can take care of it

Common questions of Hong Kong account opening 

What materials are needed for Hong Kong account opening? 

Certificate of incorporation(CI) , business registration certificate(BR), NNC1 form(original), articles of association, documents for changing company information(such as shares transfer, change of director, change of company name and capital increasing), business plan, sales contract or purchase contract of Hong Kong company and more than 3 sales invoices or purchase invoicesNNC1

What should I pay attention to in the interview of account opening?

Show the bank manager your business emails, invoices, contracts and all business documents, and prove that you are a real foreign businessman. The direction of business and the scope of clients should be clear and definite, avoiding sensitive countries and areas. Besides, the signatures should be subjected to those on registration documents.

Can I try again if I was refused?

It does not mean you can’t reopen an bank account successfully if you was refused. We will re-prepare documents and arrange appointment for clients based on case analysis. But the account opening bank may be different from the previous one.

Which accounts will be examined and investigated?

  • Accounts with monthly transaction volume over 10 million HKD but without auditing will be closed directly
  • Accounts without audit report more than 5 years
  • Accounts with annual transaction over 5 millions HKD
  • Accounts without declaration and audit report

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