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  • Trademark registration  
  • Patent application  
  • Copyright registration   
Trademark registration  

Trademark registration 

Protect your enterprise trademark

HACOS is professional in domestic and international trademark registration, retrial of trademark, trademark oppositions, opposition application, trademark withdrawal application, invalidation of registered trademark, trademark renewal, trademark extension period, cancellation, transfer and record filling.

Patent application  

Patent application

Protect your intellectual property

HACOS aims to provide clients with rigorous and high quality patent application, and the cases amount of patent application and patent granted ranks the top in this field for years. Our professional team has rich experience in foreign trade and is proficient in Chinese and English.

Copyright registration   

Copyright registration

Knowledge payment is an inevitable trend

The era of copyright is coming and knowledge payment is an inevitable trend. More and more people is not only aware of the importance of it but also is willing to pay for it. HACOS reminds you that it is to optimize your benefit to manage copyright registration.

HACOS Intellectual Property Service 

Protect trademark and innovation 

It is to prevent the value of trademark from infringing after registration of trademark and patent and to protect your own legal benefit. With the ownership, others are not allowed to use it without permit. 

Ehance eterprises awaremess

Improving the grade of products contributinges to brand promotion, and brandtrademark is the precondition to enter e-commerce platform like Alibaba and the key factor to improve competitiveness.

Enterprise intangible assets 

Trademark and patent can be transferred, inherited, invested and mortgaged through assets appraisal and be authorized to others forwith royalty. 

Enjoy governments’ preferential policies from governments 

Owning intellectual property (trademark, patent and copyright) can, enjoy governments’ preferential policies from governments, such as cash allowance and tax reduction and exemption.


Hacos enterprise holding group by the professional business consulting agents and senior accounting jointly set up operations, with accountants, economists, business agents, such as economic professionals dozens of. After more than 5 years of development and industry and commerce, national tax, land tax, social security, finance and government departments to establish a long-term strong cooperative relations.

Three-level approval and supervision system 
Passing rate is up to 99.99% 

Three-level approval system of consultant-manager-director and supervision system of consultant-process-financing ensure the efficiency, timeliness and success of application. 

Professional and efficient services from 5 branches and offices across around the country. 

Focus on developing intellectual property brand for foreigners and establish four branches and offices in well-developed region, offering one-to-one intellectual property service.

Senior experts team 
Years of experience 

Professional team with rich experience in intellectual property and trademark examination offers suggestions based on the standard of review, ensuring the success of application.

Free lifelong supervision service helps eliminate worries 

Cooperative enterprises and individuals can enjoy free lifelong supervision service as well as professional suggestions in intellectual property, which helps eliminate the worries of without no professional supervision for foreign enterprises.