Hong Kong company annual audit 

Necessary for annual audit

After registration, Hong Kong company is required to arrange annual audit within 30 days every year to ensure the normal operation of company. Company fails to make annual audit will cause penalty and will be blacklisted.

Materials for Hong Kong company annual audit
  • Certificate of incorporation(CI)
  • Business registration(BR)
  • Incorporation form(NNC1) or latest annual return(NAR1)
Time of Hong Kong annual audit 

Once a year for annual audit. It takes about 1 to 3 working day(s) for Hong Kong company.

Time of tax declaration depends on the complexity and it takes about 1 to 3 month(s). 


Contents of Hong Kong Company annual audit

Company annual audit

Renew BR and get a new one from Hong Kong government. The fee belongs to government fee and depends on government adjustment

Legal secretary renewal 

One of the essential conditions of Hong Kong company registration and the fee is charged by year and from second year of registration 

Company annual report

Renew CI and provide the whole set of annual report

documents required by Companies Registry 

Fee of address registration 

One of the essential conditions of Hong Kong company registration. If clients can’t provide this, HACOS can help manage this and charge by year