Advantages of Hong Kong company 

With perfect infrastructure and mature legal system, Hong Kong is a treasured place for entrepreneurs from the world to start business and the first station to engage in foreign trade business.
It is rather easy and convenient to operate the U- key of Hong Kong banks and the amount transfer limit reaches than 1,000,000 HKD per day。
The selection of name of Hong Kong company is very available; there is no capital verification in for Hong Kong company and few limit in business scale. 
There is no capital control in Hong Kong banks and they achieve free foreign exchange, allowing capital deposit and withdrawal in reasonable situation.
Hong Kong company can expand international market in Hong Kong. Additionally, joint venture enterprises can enjoy China mainland preferential policy.
Low tax rate and rare tax category; company doesn’t need to pay the tax if it has no profit, and can achieve reasonable tax with low tax rate and tax plans.

HACOS VS common agents 

  • Provide Hong Kong property address as the address of secretary company
  • Provide Hong Kong local resident as secretary staff  Receive and transit letters, faxes and emails in time
  • Contact with Hong Kong government, Inland Revenue Department, Securities and Futures Commission and banks directly
  • Secretary company with real license is able to cooperate with inspection from Inland Revenue Department
  • No real property and no way to receive letters
  • Shell company without employees
  • Can’t receive letters in time and it affects tax declaration
  • Can’t contact with banks and Inland Revenue Department directly
  • Hong Kong address is unstable and can’t meet clients
  • Secretary company without real license will generate the penalty and be warned by Inland Revenue Department.

Our advantages 

resources advantages 

Appointed Hong Kong registration organization and senior service team 

Complete system

One-stop business services satisfy clients the needs of registration, auditing and bank account opening

Considerate services

Experts arrange special projects and inform the time of registration, auditing and bank account opening

Prudent attitude 

Provide membership service and obey to confidentiality agreement strictly

You may need the following services

Hong Kong company registration 

Hong Kong company bank account opening 

Hong Kong company annual audit

Hong Kong company auditing 

Hong Kong company tax declaration