Ready? All New Rules Implemented From Today!

Starting from today, a series of new rules and policies will take effect nationwide. Let’s see how your everyday life in China will be changed.


Mid-Autumn Festival Holiday Notice


Ready? All New Rules Implemented From Today!
According to the realted Notice of the General Office of the State Council, the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2019 will be on holiday on September 13 and will be closed on weekends.

Mid-Autumn overtime pay calculation

The Mid-Autumn Festival (September 13th) is a statutory holiday. If employees are arranged to work, the employers must pay no less than 300% of their wages.
On the rest day (September 14th and 15th), if the employees are arranged to work and cannot make a compensatory time off, pay no less than 200% of the salary.

Minibuses are subject to a charge on Mid-Autumn Festival

According to the regulations, the free passage time ranges from the four national holidays of 
  • the Spring Festival, 
  • the Qing Ming Festival, 
  • the Labor Day, 
  • the National Day, 
  • as well as the above-mentioned statutory holidays as determined by the State Council Office documents. 

Therefore, minibus tolls will be imposed on this year’s Mid-Autumn festival.


New Edition RMB Notes Are Coming!

Ready? All New Rules Implemented From Today!

The new renminbi bills are coming to be issued starting August 30. This will be the third edition of the fifth series of RMB and will be in circulation since September. The new issuance will include four banknotes (50-, 20-, 10- and 1-yuan) and three coins (1-yuan, 5- and 1-jiao). Don’t get surprised when you receive the new RMB!

Ready? All New Rules Implemented From Today!Fake Money? New RMB is Coming in Ten Days!


Unified teaching materials for these courses in primary and secondary schools nationwide

Ready? All New Rules Implemented From Today!

The Ministry of Education issued a notice to start the new semester in the fall of 2019. 

  • The Chinese language, 

  • History, 

  • Ethics, 

  • The rule of law, 

All primary and middle school students throughout the country use the textbooks compiled by the Ministry of Education. Among them, in terms of language subjects, ancient poetry will increase in number. It is reported that: 
  • The new Chinese textbooks from the first grade to the sixth grade ancient poetry 128, an increase of 87%; 

  • Junior high school Chinese ancient poetry increased by 51%;

  • The college entrance exam next year requires students to recite 70 ancient poems, up from 60.


Say Goodbye to “Unlimited Data Traffic”
Ready? All New Rules Implemented From Today!

China Telecom announced that from September 1st, it will stop selling the speed limit version of the package in the country, and the speed limit of the Class B in the province will be stopped either. The original speed limit version will be switched to the regular version; the price will be charged according to 3 yuan / GB or 5 yuan / GB. After the consumption reaches 600 yuan, the network will be off. 

China Mobile’s new regulations also announced that the “Unlimited Traffic” package will be cancelled and will be implemented on September 1 this year. At the same time, in the case where the package does not exceed 58 yuan, the actual traffic used exceeds the package, and if it does not exceed 10 GB, the excess is calculated by 5 yuan/GB. After exceeding 15 GB, there will be 3 yuan/GB to calculate.


5G Mobile Phone Number Can Be Applied For
Ready? All New Rules Implemented From Today!

The pace of 5G arrival is faster than expected. In response to the news that the three major operators will launch 5G commercial services since the National Day this year, China Telecom Beijing Co., Ltd. said that China Telecom has decided to release the mobile phone number of the 5G dedicated number in Beijing in September this year.

If there is no accident, this will become the first batch of 5G in Beijing. At the same time, Beijing citizens will also become the first batch of “early adopters” in China.


This Type Travel Permit to HK & Macao Will Be Expired Soon
Ready? All New Rules Implemented From Today!

The current travel permit for mainland residents to Hong Kong and Macao will expire on September 13, 2019, according to a notice issued by the national immigration administration.

Holders with travel needs apply in advance for an e-card exit-entry permit for travelling to Hong Kong and Macao at any exit and entry administration window, or apply online through the official App and service website of the immigration bureau. Apply for group travel permit to Hong Kong and Macao in the self-service visa machine.


Starred Hotels No Longer Provide Disposables

Ready? All New Rules Implemented From Today!

From September 1st, 2019, Guangzhou Starred Hotels no longer placed “six small pieces” of disposable items (toothbrushes, combs, razors, shoe wipes, bath wipes, nail files) in their rooms. The hotel restaurant does not actively provide disposable tableware, and advocates the hotel to add recyclable travel kit supplies sales services to guide consumers to develop green living and consumption habits.

The on-site dining venues will also expand the use of degradable and recyclable tableware, guide and supervise the scientific arrangement of service menus, procedures and number of dining tables, guide customers to rationally order meals, rational consumption, and prohibit the sale of excessive food. In addition to Guangzhou, Shanghai has implemented this regulation since July.


The China-Japan Social Security Agreement Will Take Effect
Ready? All New Rules Implemented From Today!

The Social Security Agreement between the Government of the People’s Republic of China and the Government of Japan will enter into force on September 1, 2019. According to the agreement, Japan exempts China from the dispatch of employees in Japanese companies and the obligations of crew members, flight attendants, diplomatic consular personnel and civil servants to pay pensions and national pensions. 

China will waive the above-mentioned obligations of Japanese employees in China to pay basic pension insurance for employees. In addition, spouses and children living in Japan with Chinese personnel may apply for exemption from social security contributions during the day under certain conditions.

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Ready? All New Rules Implemented From Today!

SOURCE | 人民网

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