He Got Caught for Posting This…

A man posted a video on the Internet with the headline fight, one dead and one injured” when he was waiting for a train in Beijing station. Then he was caught by Beijing Railway Police.



On May 9th, the Beijing Railway Police found that someone had posted two videos with the headline “fight” and “one dead, one injured” respectively. After investigation, it’s found that there was no so-called “one dead, one injured” alert.


He Got Caught for Posting This...

After the police checked surveillance, it looks like that there were only two passengers who had a quarrel in the fourth waiting room in the early morning, but they were quickly dismissed by station staff and other passengers.

The time, scene and characters were the same as those in the video. However, there was no “one dead, one injured” as mentioned in the headline.


The police found that there was a man shooting video at the scene, which was likely to be the suspect who posted these two fake videos.


He Got Caught for Posting This...

In fact, Cao, when he took a rest in the waiting room, saw two passengers who were in a quarrel, then took a video to record it. 


At first, he posted this video with the headline of “fight”. After one minute later, he posted this video again with the headline of “one dead, one injured in Beijing Railway Station”.


He Got Caught for Posting This...

Police: Why you posted it?

Cao: I thought it’s interesting, so, I posted it on the Internet.

Police: What’s your headline in the second video?

Cao: One dead, one injured in the fight.

Police: Why you chose this one?

Cao: I thought this one was more attractive, so…

Police: Is it true? Did you see it?

Cao: No.



Although Cao was regret for what he did to attract “click” and “view”, it’s too late!

He Got Caught for Posting This...


To fabricate and spread any fake video or information will be caught by police for seriously disrupting public order and damaging society harmony.  (标题一真一假,手铐一左一右)

Please pay attention to what we do on the Internet, don’t fabricate, spread and believe rumors! 


He Got Caught for Posting This...

Under the Amendment to Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China, a person convicted of the charge of spreading rumors online shall be sentenced to criminal detention or control for no more than 3 years; for serious consequences, it shall be sentenced to criminal detention for 3 to 7 years.