Muslim, Thx for Your Kindness!

If you saw someone collapse or walk so hard in front of you, would you come to his or her aid or just walk on by? 


As is vividly depicted in the video given above, we can observe that an old man is tottering across the street with his walker, and walking so slowly and hard.


Now is the time for lunch. A lot of people walk so hurry that ignore this man who needs help. Crowds of pedestrians and countless vehicles in the street look like they are trying to bypass him. 


Or they may have no time to pay attention, or they are afraid? Like touching porcelain.


Muslim, Thx for Your Kindness!

Anyway, there are no pedestrians and vehicles to be still for him until these two foreigners’ appearance. (I cannot identify their religious belief from the video, but there are 3 WeChat accounts about Islam that describe these 2 foreigners as Muslims.)

Finally, they help him to cross the street successfully, though they are hard to communicate due to different languages.


Muslim, Thx for Your Kindness!

In fact, kindness has no borders as the video says in the end! (善良没有国界)