Business Security Strengthened with Chip-implanted Seal

 News from Guangdong Public Security Bureau says that Guangdong is in the first batch pilot zones in the country for the chip-implanted company seal policy. The policy has been initialized since August 2018, the new type of chip-implanted company seal is a move to further upgrade the anti-fake level.

Business Security Strengthened with Chip-implanted Seal

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The policy takes effect for those companies which have been established since 26th October 2018 and need to apply the chip-implanted company seals or need company seal record services.

Business Security Strengthened with Chip-implanted Seal

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Companies set up before that date have no need to apply a new company seal. Companies who need to renew their company information and business licenses must apply a new company seal (chip-implanted type) after business license-renewing. That’s because banks need to check companies’ seal records before allowing any bank services. Companies having no seal records may lead to an abnormal bank account or even a bank account shut-down.

Business Security Strengthened with Chip-implanted Seal

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The new type of chip-implanted company seal carries a company’s valued info which will be integrated with the company’s seal records and stored in the Company Seal Public Security System.

Compared to the previous type of company seal, the chip-implanted seal has six strengths in the following aspects:

1. More authoritative.

The chip-implanted company seal is developed by the third Research Institute of China’s Public Security Department. The chip-implanted company seal can be accurately identified any time any place in the country.

2. More secure.

Top cryptographic algorithm tech has been applied into the R & D of the chip-implanted seal, it is equipped with security mechanisms like hardware firewall and access control, making it more difficult to copy and fake.

3. Unicity.

Every chip has its unicity and solely connected to only one company seal, it can’t be and is not allowed to repeatedly used in other company’s seal.

4. More convenient.

The chip-implanted company seal supports portable or desk-based terminals, making it easier and convenient to verify a company’s seal.

5. Evidence-recording.

All the verification history records of a chip-implanted seal will be recorded and stored for subsequent check and identification.

6. Lose-preventing.

If lost or stolen, the company seal holder can report that to the public security station who hold your company’s seal records to shut down the chip’s functions, then your company seal in-built with that chip will be invalid. 

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