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China: Stricter Inspection on Wooden Packaging


In order to ensure that the essential packaging for the outbound goods meets the quarantine requirements of the importing countries or regions, and to avoid economic losses, the Chinese Customs has issued a notice in accordance with the Provisions on the Administrative Measures for the Quarantine Treatment of Wooden Packaging of Outbound Goods.


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The wooden packaging used for outbound goods shall be disposed of in accordance with the prescribed quarantine treatment methods and applied to the IPPC logo of the International Plant Protection Convention.

When the customs examines the outbound goods, they shall conduct a spot check on the wooden packaging used for the goods. If they do not meet the requirements, they are not allowed to leave the country.

Argentina: Shipping Company Must Transmit the Manifest

According to No. 4278-18 regulation document released by the Argentine Customs, the shipping company must transmit the manifest and other information to the Argentine Customs as soon as possible after the shipment of the goods, and the offender will be punished with a high fine.

For goods in Brazil (whether exported or transited from Brazil), it is required to be provided at least within 12 hours after the ship leaving its berthing. This manifest policy covers all Argentine ports including Buenos Aires, Branca and Campana.

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For the shipper, the following information needs to be provided to the shipping company.

Weekly News Update You NeedFull name of consignee

Weekly News Update You NeedThe CUIT Number of consignee

Weekly News Update You NeedHS Code

Weekly News Update You NeedEnsure the gross weight of the goods is

consistent with other commercial documents

Indonesian Customs Issued New Import Regulations


Indonesian customs issued new import regulations last week. The new rules are as follows:

Weekly News Update You NeedIndonesia’s minimum tax value threshold dropped from USD100 to USD75.

Weekly News Update You NeedRegardless of the declaration from which import port and courier company, the customs will limit the minimum tax per recipient per day to USD75 based on the date of arrival. The customs system will filter the import value based on the recipient’s name and address. Below USD75 will be considered as informal taxable goods with an average tariff of 7.5% and the consignment note (CN) will be used as a customs document. It is reported that the new regulations will take effect on October 10, 2018.

PIL Stops Receiving Goods in/out of Iran


With the US restarting the most severe economic sanctions against Iran in the history, following the exit of its shipping giants such as Maersk, MSC and CMA CGM from Iran, the Singapore shipping company PIL has also stopped receiving goods in and out of Iran. Currently, PIL has terminated Iran.

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Bangladesh Customs Issues Shipping Bans


Recently, Bangladesh Customs issued a new regulation that will not allow its shippers to export and import goods to Western countries using the ports of Calcutta and Haldia in India. Currently, vessels are allowed to transport bilateral cargo from the ports of Kolkata and Haldia, but cannot transport international cargo, which is said to be prohibited under the coastal shipping agreement. Bangladeshi Shipping Minister Abdul Samad said the decision was for the benefit of Bangladesh’s Chittagong and Mongla Ports, and their capacity is on the rise, considering the construction of new equipment and terminals.