40 Signs Show You Become More Chinese

40 Signs Show You Become More Chinese

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1. Feel more like drinking hot water.


2. Have an English name and a distinct Chinese name.


3. Know your Chinese zodiac.


4. Don’t hug acquaintances anymore.


5. Have a new favourite breakfast food.


6. Go to vegetable market more than Wal-Mart, and love the lively atmosphere.


7. Have a son who speaks good Chinese.


8. Become more skilful at the bargaining.


9. Seldom worry about personal safety, even walking in big cities at night.


10. Keep a large metal carafe on your desk for hot water for the day’s tea.


11. Have a friendly relationship with Jing Dong delivery guy.


12. Have a Chinese keyboard on your phone.


13. No longer have coffee on the balcony – that’s where you hang wet clothes.


14. Politely cover your mouth with one hand while using a toothpick.


15. Grocery shop using your bicycle.


16. Have to remember to tip when you travelling abroad.


17. Wonder why public spaces there look so empty.


18. Consider vendors’ prices only a reference point for haggling.


19. Use the China UnionPay card very frequently.


20. Love tearjerker Chinese historical dramas on TV.


40 Signs Show You Become More Chinese

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21. Amazed by Western actors who speak really good Mandarin.


22. Keep transit card on you at all times.


23. Check air pollution conditions several times a day.


24. No more struggle to use chopsticks.


25. Calculate, automatically, yuan equivalents of dollar prices in your head.


26. Amazed at how much stuff costs in Western countries.


27. Check WeChat throughout day; make phone calls on WeChat.


28. Think ganbei (dry cup) when someone proposes a toast.


29. Put your contact information for emails in English and Chinese.


30. Keep a supply of red envelopes for cash gifts on appropriate occasions.


31. Go to a hospital for routine healthcare.


32. Have Moutai baijiu (white spirits) firewater in a cabinet at home.


33. Have no problem with squat toilets, which actually are more natural.


34. Surprised and dismayed by how little the world knows about China.


35. Get up in wee hours to watch important sporting events outside Asia.


36. Think not only of time zones when phoning abroad but also the International Dateline.


37. Try to balance Mandarin-speakers and English-speakers at social gatherings.


38. Understand much better the importance of friends to a happy life.


39. Celebrate two New Year’s days and two Valentine’s days.


40. Gave up Netflix for Youku or Tengxun.

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40 Signs Show You Become More Chinese