Ready? All New Policies Take Effect Tomorrow!

Starting from September 1, a series of new rules and policies will take into effect across China. Here are a few policies which have major impacts on you. Let’s see how everyday life will be changed! Foreigners Can Open  A-share Accounts The CSRC further liberalized the rights of foreigners to open A-share securities accounts and revised the corresponding rules. Foreigners working in China and foreign employees of domestic listed companies working abroad, whether they are in China or not, can open A-share securities accounts to participate in transactions.  Image | 力报 The opening of the A-share account is not for all investors in all countries. They must be from the countries which have established a regulatory cooperation mechanism with the China Securities Regulatory Commission.  [Implementation Date] 15/09/2018 These Regions Can Apply For  Chinese Residence Permit A new regulation will allow residents of Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan to apply for residence permits in the Chinese mainland. Eligible applicants may apply for this permit on a voluntary basis, according to the officials.  Image | 香港经济日报 With a residence permit, residents from Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan will enjoy more rights, basic public services, and other conveniences relating to their study, work, business operation, and life in the mainland. [Implementation Date] 01/09/2018 Lost Passport &  Reissue Visa Instantly  The public security exit and entry administration provides instant acceptance and approval for foreigners who have the following three situations: For foreigners who need to re-issued their visas for the loss of their passports; For a foreign crew member and his accompanying family members urgently need to apply for a staying permit to leave the port city and leave China; For a member of a foreign tour group urgently needs leave China. Image | Baidu After the implementation of the New Deal, it is estimated that nearly 30,000 foreigners can enjoy emergency services in an emergency every year. [Implementation Date] 01/09/2018 20 Convenient Traffic  Management Services The Ministry of Public Security has concentrated on launching 20 new measures for the reform of the traffic management in four aspects, which will be fully implemented from September.  Image | Google Including: Fully implement cross-provincial inspections of small cars, trucks and medium-sized passenger cars; For vehicles that are exempt from inspection within 6 years, they can apply for the exemption mark directly after verifying the insurance through the Internet service platform; Relax the application for small car driving licenses in different places. [Implementation Date] 01/09/2018 New National Standard  of Express Packaging The newly series of national standards of “Express Delivery Packaging” revised which will soon be implemented. Three new requirements for packaging, including: Image | 界面 Advocate the use of biodegradable materials to significantly reduce the use of inks; Reduce the quantitative requirements for express envelope paper and promote light-weight and high-strength raw materials in the express delivery industry; Encourage express box to be reused. [Implementation Date] 01/09/2018 Prices of 14 Kinds of  Anticancer Drugs Will Be Cut In order to further alleviate the economic burden of cancer patients, the National Medical Insurance Bureau lower the payment standards and purchase prices of 14 kinds of anti-cancer drugs, and request that all provincial-level drug procurement platforms should be in accordance with the new adjusted price before the end of September.  Image | 文汇报 It is expected that from September, patients will be able to purchase anti-cancer drugs with lower prices. [Implementation Date] Sept