Strengthen Your IP Protection! What Are You Waiting For?

Government leaders and industry experts from more than 30 countries gathered at the China Patent Annual Conference in Beijing on Aug 30 to share plans for the future of intellectual property (IP) development. © Image | Baidu Intellectual Property (IP) in China Ten years removed from China’s launch of the National Intellectual Property Strategy Outline, experts say IP protection is more important than ever. Most results over the past decade have shown progress. The number of international applications filed under China’s Patent Cooperation Treaty continues to grow, ranking second worldwide for 2017. © Image | Baidu “China has a reason to have the largest patent office, largest trade market office, largest design office in the world, with the extraordinary support from the state leadership,” said Francis Gurry, director general of the World Intellectual Property Organization. Officials at the conference said the nation has made great strides in enhancing IP protection. Some expressed hopeful expectations over the future of China’ s IP protection “When we think about it on a deeper level, we would really hope for stronger protection of trade secrets to enforce our rights. We would also like to see higher compensations in patent entrenchment proceedings,” said Udo Meyer, senior vice-president of BASF AG. Commissioner Shen Changyu told the meeting that China will unwaveringly play the role of defender, participant and active builder of international rules on intellectual property rights. He added that the nation will protect legitimate IP rights of domestic and foreign enterprises according to law, thus helping China to further open up. © Image | Baidu Our HACOS can help you!!! 1 Apply for a Chinese Trademark HACOS would teach you how to apply for a Chinese Trademark, which could smooth your business way in China. © Image | Baidu You need to know: Application Procedure Trademark Registration Search Check whether the application trademark is duplicate or similar with existed ones. Confirm the pattern of trademark Submi the registration documents of trademark © Image | Baidu You should provide these required documents Name of applicant If the applicant is an enterprise, then the copy of Business License which has been signed by the company owner , and English digital design drawing of the trademark should be provided. Signature of the applicant or company chop. Select 10 Categories. Registration Adress © Image | Baidu In addition, Hacos can also provide the service of International trademark registration! Such as Foreign Trademark registration, Madrid Trademark registration, Hongkong, Macao & Taiwan Trademark registration. 2 Apply for a patent Hacos can help you apply for a patent to protect intangible assets of your enterprise! Patent for Invention Patent for Industrial Design Patent for Utility Models © Image | Baidu Nowadays, more and more foreign capital enterprises start to register trademark and apply for a patent in China, what are still you waiting for?