Good News! 41 Police Stations Set Up to Help Foreigners!

Guangzhou police have set up 41 stations to manage expat-related affairs in communities that house more than 500 foreigners, in an effort to upgrade services. © Image | Google More than 50 foreigners Rooms for promoting Chinese culture, customs, laws and policies have also been established in some communities with more than 50 foreigners, with cultural, sport and family activities being organized, said Cai Wei, deputy director of the Guangzhou Public Security Bureau. © Image | Google More than 60 foreign volunteers The police have enlisted more than 60 foreign volunteers from universities and companies to help with expat-related affairs in Guangzhou, capital of Guangdong province. © Image | Google Download the APP The police are using a number of social media platforms and their mobile app to promote expat-related information, Cai said. The Guangzhou Police APP can be found at: You can log into the website, download the APP and enjoy the service! A joint-meeting mechanism involving the police and government departments has been optimized to better serve expats and manage related affairs.