Good News! Online Appointment For Customs Clearance Since Oct 3!

According to the announcement of GACC on the Aug 22, in order to provide a more convenient Customs Clearance Service, the Customs will implement an Internet model of “Appointment Clearance”. © Image | GACC Applicable situation In case of any of the following circumstances, consignee or consignor of Import and Export, or agent (except for the company that is untrustworthy) may apply to the Customs for Customs clearance if needs to go through Customs formalities outside the normal office hours of the Customs: National emergency relief supplies, dangerous goods; Fresh, frozen, perishable and rotten goods requiring emergency clearance; Other goods approved by the Customs as indeed in need of urgent inspection. The Customs accepts the application for the appointment of Customs Clearance within the normal office hours. The enterprise must apply 24 hours in advance, and the advanced certification enterprise is 8 hours. Operation Method Applicants should log in to the “Internet + Customs” integrated online service platform ( ), apply the “Customs Clearance” of the “Goods Clearance”, fill in and submit the appointment online. Customs online feedback acceptance results. © Image | 海运网 Under special circumstances, the applicant submits a paper “Application for Customs Clearance”  stamped with the seal of the company on the spot, and the Customs will coordinate the handling according to the emergency disposal method. Cancel Appointment If the enterprise cancels the appointment for any reason after the Customs agrees to make an appointment for Customs Clearance, , it shall contact the Customs in time and submit a statement within 5 days after the event. This contents of this announcement will be implemented as of October 30, 2018. * Notice: Online Appointment For Customs Clearance only need to provide manifest electronic data, no need to pick up the bill. The company can make an appointment online as long as meets the requirements, and this Service is not limited to the mode of transportation and Customs Clearance. Please call the Customs hotline “12360” if you need help!