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The protagonist of this film introduction is:

Cameron’s masterpiece — Alita: Battle Angel.

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Cinemania geek, James Cameronthe director of Titanic and Avatar, spending 20 years, costing 200 million dollars, organizing a team of thousands, employing 30,000 computers, showing the whole world about his beloved anime.

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The film greatly restored the magnificent world pattern depicted in the original work, and once again showed the world various film high-tech, and then promoted the visual effects revolution3D realism and stability can still be demonstrated in the highly mobile transition state.

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Here is a little bit spoiler, please be careful!

Referring to <Alita: Battle Angel>, 

Have to mention a Japanese manga 

in the 1990s: 

<Alita: Battle Angel>(铳梦).

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In the world of original comics, 

the class contradictions in human society 

are sharp enough to divide into two worlds.

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The people living in scrap iron city, 

fashionably speaking, 

is like fragrant-flowered garlic

Whose only value is waiting for being harvested by “the people in the sky”…

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Between the scrap iron city and Salem, 

there are huge iron pipes 

connecting with others. 

The materials produced on the ground 

are transported to the sky

through these pipes. 

The materials can be transported, 

but people can’t come and go…

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Sky and ground are like a class barrier, 

insurmountable and unbreakable…

However, these inexorable laws have been broken by a girl with big eyes…

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Mar | Movie Tickets for Free!

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Certainly, the movie “Alita: Battle Angel” faithfully 

restored the world in the original comic book 

The Nightmare“…

Including the big and shining eyes of the heroine 

in the comics, 

they have been re-enacted by the film…

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Mar | Movie Tickets for Free!

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It’s over? 

No more spoiler?

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