Must Read!These Tips Improve Inspection & Deduction!

Frequently, some friends who do foreign trade always complain that the customs deducted goods, especially by the bulk cargo and samples of the express delivery sending to the customer, the goods were deducted. In fact, if the pre-prevention is proper, the probability of customs deduction is extremely small.

Must Read!These Tips Improve Inspection & Deduction!

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Major reasons for 
inspection & deduction 


  • The difference between declared value and evaluated price

  • The goods name disaccord with product

  • No details in a packing list

  • Consignee has no eligibility

  • Personal items worth than 5000 RMB

  • The relevant policy in local countries

Must Read!These Tips Improve Inspection & Deduction!

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Generally, the major reasons why are you encountering inspecting and deduction?

  • The difference between declared  value and evaluated price;

  • Personal items worth than 5000 RMB

  • The relevant privacy in local countries

How to prevent deduction 
from customs?
  • In order to prevent deduction from customs, you can mark the ordinary parcel as a personal gift, because it’s a small ratio for deducting by custom as a personal gift.

  • Lower the declared price, for the deduction rate for valuables, is super high. Besides, after the customs deducts the goods, the customs clearance fee is calculated according to the declared value. The higher the declared value, the higher the customs clearance fee. Similarly, if you need to return the product to the customer, please also pay attention to let the customer write the value of the declaration a little lower.  

  • Mastering all nations’ policies. For example, the clearance in Australia is easy, but there is a permit for battery type in custom. Therefore, battery and products with electromagnetism are relatively hard to pass the custom, trying not ship to Australia. If it’s necessary for selling products with battery, you can tell customers that the product in parcel with no battery for the policy.

Must Read!These Tips Improve Inspection & Deduction!

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  • Choose a safe delivery way. The DHL’s deduction rate is a little bit high, the second place is FedEx and UPS; the relatively safe delivery way is air parcel and EMS. Besides, even though the EMS is deducted by customs, is still can be returned back to the origin depot for free.

  • The heavier of the parcel, the possibilities of deduction by customs is higher.

  • Different products have a different rate of deduction by customs, like the rate of the electronic product is higher than cloths.


These measures are just to lower the chance of being deducted.

No deduction is impossible!


Must Read!These Tips Improve Inspection & Deduction!

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If your parcel is unfortunately deducted by customs, what should you do?
  • Connect with your customer in time. It’d better let customers assist in clearance. If the customs clearance fee is not high, you can first negotiate with the customer about the customs clearance fee and share it equally.

  • If the customer is not willing, returning the parcel if possible, and the parcel can be sent back to the customer for delivery.

  • If the package cannot be sent back, and the customs clearance fee is too high, you should abandon it.


Following is customs policy

only for reference!

Saudi Arabia: it’s regular for DHL and FedEx.

India: the atmosphere in Indian custom is not so good, but not bad including DHL and FedEx.

South Africa: import certificate for textiles is needed. FedEx and DHL have been checked relatively more, while EMS has rarely been checked and returned