Express Delivery Available During the Spring Festival?

The Spring Festival is around the corner, and people are busy doing holiday shopping or sending luggage home. The public pays heightened attention to the holiday arrangements of all kinds of express companies during festival.

Will express delivery be stopped during the Spring Festival?

The good news is that they said it and other such news are false.

Official Announcement

Express Delivery Available During the Spring Festival?

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Express delivery will be affected during the Spring Festival.

Undoubtedly, the time and efficiency of express delivery will be affected to some extent during the Spring Festival. Whether express delivery is suspended or not, the things you need to send home during the Spring Festival should do as early as possible. Major delivery companies havent said they will stop services, but only a few have made specific announcements.


The things you need to send to other provinces should be sent at January 28/29 at the latest.

The service announcements of express companies during the Spring Festival

Debon Express will open the Spring Festival operation mode on February 1st, 2019 to February 12th. During the Spring Festival, we will arrange the staff according to the forecast of the business volume of the whole network. The rotation is on duty to ensure the safe and smooth delivery service during the Spring Festival.

Due to the limited carriages resources of the Spring Festival, the time limit for shipments sent to all parts of the country during the holidays will be affected to varying degrees.

You can pay attention to the Debon Express WeChat public account or call the customer service hotline 95535 to check the nearest business outlets to get the express mail information in real time.

Express Delivery Available During the Spring Festival?

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STO Express will continue to implement the “all-year-round” express service and provide high-quality express delivery services for consumers. The following is the announcement for the express delivery service during the Spring Festival of 2019:

Since 24:00 on February 4, 2019, STO Express will officially open “Spring Festival operation mode”(February 4-February 10,2019)

Express Delivery Available During the Spring Festival?

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From YNET(北青网),BEST Express have said that they will open Spring Festival Mode from February 1 to 10. According to the forecast of the total amount of express delivery during the Spring Festival, the operation of the Spring Festival will be arranged, and the timeliness of express delivery will be adjusted in some areas.

Based on previous experience, SF and EMS have always been the “main force” of express delivery service during the Spring Festival, but the service fee will be increased by 10 yuan per piece during the Spring Festival. According to SF customer service, there will be no major changes this year from experience, but the specific price increase will be subject to the announcement to be released soon. EMS also said that there is generally no rest during the Spring Festival, and some service fees will be added, but the specific notice has not yet been announced.

Express Delivery Available During the Spring Festival?

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Anyway, the Spring Festival is the only holiday for most Chinese factories’ workers. So don’t underestimate the power it may have. If you have the plan of sending a courier, getting your orders as soon as possible is the best.


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