Your Driving License Will Get A Major Upgrade Soon!

From 2019, there will be four policies on driving licenses, each of which is really good news. Now let’s have a look!

Your Driving License Will Get A Major Upgrade Soon!

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Can Drive More Models of Cars 

with C1 Driving License


In the past, C1 driving licenses were only able to drive compact cars. If you want to drive a large vehicle, you must obtain other types of driving licenses. After the launch of the New policies, the you can drive more types of cars with C1 driving license!

Your Driving License Will Get A Major Upgrade Soon!

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According to the “Regulations on the Application and Use of Motor Vehicle Driving Licenses”, the driving range of the C1 driving license are:

  • Small and micro passenger cars with a total weight of less than 4.5 tons;

  • Lightweight and mini-loading vehicles/trucks with a length of 6 meters or less;

  • The number of passengers in a car is less than or equal to 9. That is, you can’t drive a car with 9 seats or more, such as some SUV and MPV models with more than 9 seats.;

  • Light, small, micro special operation vehicles.


In addition to the above models, the C1 driving license can also drive the C2, C3, C4 quasi driving type now.

Your Driving License Will Get A Major Upgrade Soon!

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  • C2 refers to the “small automatic car”, which is what we often call the automatic car.

  • C3 refers to “low-speed trucks”, such as agricultural vehicles, with a maximum speed of less than or equal to 70km/h, a maximum total mass of less than or equal to 4.5 tons, and a body length of less than or equal to 6 meters.

  • C4 refers to “three-wheeled vehicles”, three-wheeled vehicles are not equal to three-wheeled motorcycles.

Can Get EXTRA Points In These Way


Since the Chinese driving license runs on a point system that each driver has 12 points in total per year. But the owner can “add points” to his driving license as follows:


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1. No violation record

If the owner does not violate the rules in a scoring cycle, he/she can add another 3 points on the basis of the original 12 points.


2.“Traffic knowledge quizzes”

The transportation departments of some cities have launched quizzes about traffic regulations and driving safety on their official website. The owner can get the bonus points up to 6 points by answering the corresponding questions.


3. Report Traffic Violation

The transportation department supports the general public to participate in reporting violations. As long as the content of the report is true and effective, the reporter can obtain the corresponding bonus points after verification.

Driving License for Life


Beginning next year, the driving license policy of lifelong system must meet the following conditions:

  • After two renewal cycles, you can apply for a permanent license the third time;

  • No violation of 12 points is recorded within the scoring period.

Your Driving License Will Get A Major Upgrade Soon!

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The driving application for the first motor vehicle driving license is valid for 6 years, and can be applied for renewal within 90 days before the expiration. For example, the effective date on the motor vehicle driving license is until to August 8, 2020, then you need to apply for a driving license within 90 days before August 8, 2020.

If it is not renewed in time, it can be reissued by the traffic control office. However, do not drive a vehicle with expired driving license. Once investigated, it will be punished with a maximum of 2,000 yuan and 15 days of detention.

The Age for Obtaining 

Driving License Is Relaxed

Nowadays, it is very inconvenient for older people to travel without being able to drive a car. Some old people bought old scooters, but these scooters have many safety hazards.

Your Driving License Will Get A Major Upgrade Soon!

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The age limit for C1 driving licenses has also been adjusted since next year. It used to be that  the elderly can’t drive after 65 years old. Now the age limit has been raised to 70 years old, but remember to submit a medical report every year.

Chinese government has continuously introduced new regulations, some of which are more stringent, and some policies are indeed good news. No matter how the future policies change, the fundamental starting point is to strengthen traffic management and ensure the safety of everyone’s travel!