Goodbye, WeChat Sellers! Goodbye, Daigou People!


Which One Do You Prefer? 

WeChat Daigou or a WeChat Seller?

Have you ever heard of WeChat Daigou? If not, let us give you a quick intro. Daigou (代购 dàigòu) is a personal shopper who purchases commodities for customers outside mainland China because prices for those goods can be 30-40% cheaper abroad than they are in China.

Well, we received some breaking news and is eager to share it with you. ↓

The e-commerce law of the People’s Republic of China will be officially implemented on January 1st next year!


Goodbye, WeChat Sellers! Goodbye, Daigou People!


What will be the implications of this new law?

In the future.

WeChat Daigou and sellers will be subject to strict supervision, with violations punished with a fine of up to RMB 2 million!

This isn’t a joke!

 The important thing to know is

1. No matter what the WeChat Daigou or seller is, it needs to operate with a business license for both the buyer overseas and in China;


2. Tax payment is required, and criminal liability shall be borne for tax evasion;


3. Products with no Chinese label, production of milk powder and other health products which are not certified by China accreditation administration, shall not be sold.

So which one are you? 

A Daigou, or a seller?

Why do I suddenly feel like I’m an “entrepreneur”?

But don’t just think you’re a little WeChat businessman and that it’s ok to advertise on your Moments.


From now on, you have an extra “professional” reputation and responsibilities.


  E-commerce operator  


Goodbye, WeChat Sellers! Goodbye, Daigou People!

What is E-commerce operator?

For example, Daigou on e-commerce platforms such as Taobao and JD, WeChat business on WeChat Moments, and bloggers selling things on live broadcasting platforms are all e-commerce operators.

How to run your Daigou business and WeChat business?


 You must register for it:  

If you are selling food, you also need to apply for a food distribution license;

The e-commerce law also stipulates that infant formula that does not have a Chinese label, that is not produced by a factory certified by the national accreditation administration of China, and that is not licensed for formula registration cannot be sold on online platforms.

Goodbye, WeChat Sellers! Goodbye, Daigou People!

Previously, there was no business registration required for a daigou online store on Taobao, and the “WeChat business” of the moment was even more of a zero threshold.

But now, you must register to deal with business licenses lawfully! 

Otherwise, you will face a fine of up to RMB 10,000!



  You must pay taxes  


In the past, you could work as a daigou at Taobao while also operating your WeChat business. All the money you made was your own.

In the future, however, you will need to pay taxes according to the law, tax evasion if there may be the criminal liability!

Goodbye, WeChat Sellers! Goodbye, Daigou People!

But… it’s definitely good news for customers!

The introduction of this e-commerce law does not mean that it severely cracks down on the e-commerce platforms, but instead it brings a better consumption environment and experience to our consumers.,.!

 1. It’s less likely to buy a fake product!

After the implementation of this new e-commerce law, it will be much harder to sell counterfeit and low-quality products online. 

 2. The e-commerce platform assumes

 “joint and several” responsibilities 

If there is a problem with the seller’s products on the platform, such as fake milk powder, fake red wine, fake cosmetics, etc., then the platform should also bear the responsibility.

In this way, it will be more reliable and more secure to buy things on those large-scale e-commerce platforms.

 3. It is strictly prohibited to make good comments and delete bad comments, otherwise, the maximum fine is RMB 500,000 

Electronic business operators shall not conduct false or misleading commercial publicity in the form of fictitious transactions or fabricated user comments, etc., to deceive and mislead consumers.

 4. It is prohibited to refuse to refund the deposit to customers without  a legitimate reason 

The e-commerce law stipulates that if an e-commerce operator collects deposits from consumers in accordance with the agreement, it shall state clearly the method and procedure for returning the deposits, and shall not set unreasonable conditions for returning the deposits.


If a consumer applies for a refund of the deposit and the conditions for the refund of the deposit are met, the e-commerce operator shall return the deposit in a timely manner.

Overall, the new rules could have a big impact on the friends who sell WeChat business.


But for us consumers, more security, more security.


How do you feel about this new law?


What do you think of those who sell products on WeChat Moments and sell daigou things every day?


Let us know in the comment section below!