“All-in-One” Talent Card for Expats Introduced In Hangzhou!

Hangzhou, Zhejiang province has recently launched a talent card program amid efforts to attract high-caliber overseas professionals, according to a conference held on Aug 12. The program, which will take effect on Aug 20, focuses on six areas of expat life in Hangzhou, including  Working permits,  Education,  Medical healthcare,  Business insurance,  Housing support  Life services.  The card is also known as the “All-in-One” Card. Image | Google Who can apply for? High-caliber workers who… Have obtained the Tier A working permit in China or  Received approval by the Foreign Experts Bureau  can apply for the talent card and enjoy preferential policies issued by Hangzhou government. What are the benefits? Benefits cover a work permit, child education and medical care. Cardholders will also enjoy subsidies in house purchases and rental, while Hangzhou will open all its elementary and middle schools to children of top international talent. Besides, the city will also employ international teachers to improve education quality. The program also reveals that every high-caliber overseas professional who works in Hangzhou will be provided with a citizen card and enjoy the same treatment as locals. Those who have obtained the Tier A working permit in China can apply for credit cards and engage with other financial services. Image | Google “Hangzhou has been leading the country in offering overseas professionals with all-round services. With the citizen card, they will have easy access to many local services, including parks, gyms, public transport and scenic spots”, said an official from Hangzhou Foreign Experts Bureau. In recent years, Hangzhou has actively built itself into a magnet for overseas professionals. To date, around 15,000 overseas professionals and over 5,000 foreign-funded companies have settled in the city. Share to let your friends know!