80% Off for Airfare! Off Season is Coming!

Hey, how about your Golden Week holiday in China? 

We’ve introduced some beautiful domestic scenic spots whose ticket prices were cut during the 7-day holiday. 

80% Off for Airfare! Off Season is Coming!

Owing to the pleasant weather and the long holiday for most residents, there was a tourist peak season that millions of people paid a visit to these places. 

It is reported that China’s tourism consumption reached a record high during the just-concluded National Day holiday, realizing revenues of 649.71 billion yuan ($90.89 billion) with 800 million trips by individuals. 

If you’re tired of the traffic jam and crowds of visitors, now it’s a wonderful time to enjoy a more satisfying China tour! 


80% Off for Airfare! Off Season is Coming!

The off-season lasts from November to March when many people take no account of touring. Traveling during this period makes you: 

  • To Save Money

Some tourist attractions, hotels, travel agencies and airlines offer many special discounts to attract tourists for the off-season. You can enjoy the budget travel experience. 

  • To Save Time

Out of the peak periods, there are less tourists as well as less traffic jams. You’ll have quite enough time to enjoy the scenery instead of waiting in a queue for a long time. 

  • To Enjoy Better Travel Experience

Better and more satisfying travel experience can be achieved since there are fewer people and more tranquil environment

What’s more, China is a vast country providing people a good chance to tour in its various regions in different seasons. You can spend a good time in the late autumn or early winter months. 

80% Off for Airfare! Off Season is Coming!

After the end of the holiday, ticket prices of domestic and outbound flights are much cheaper and more considerate

According to Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, the discounts for some domestic flights will be over 80% off


Here are the lowest reference prices (not including tax) of some tickets of flying from Guangzhou: 

  • Domestic (from Oct 9 to 10)

Guangzhou – Kunming: ¥380 (79% off)

Guangzhou – Chengdu: ¥500 (71% off)

Guangzhou – Chongqing: ¥390 (74% off) 

Guangzhou – Shanghai: ¥490 (70% off)

Guangzhou – Nanjing: ¥350 (78% off) 

Guangzhou – Haikou: ¥290 (83% off) 

Guangzhou – Wuhan: ¥350 (82% off) 

Guangzhou – Xi’an: ¥430 (72% off) 

Guangzhou – Dalian: ¥1020 (60% off)

Guangzhou – Harbin: ¥860 (75% off)

  • Outbound (round-trip, from Oct 9 to 12) 

Guangzhou – Singapore: ¥350

Guangzhou – Bangkok: ¥700

Guangzhou – Delhi: ¥1580

Guangzhou – Dhaka: ¥1270

Guangzhou – Seoul: ¥650

Guangzhou – Nagoya: ¥450

Guangzhou – Melbourne: ¥4950

Guangzhou – Paris: ¥1750

Guangzhou – Amsterdam: ¥2750

Guangzhou – Los Angeles: ¥890

Guangzhou – Vancouver: ¥1550

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80% Off for Airfare! Off Season is Coming!

SOURCE | Baiyun Airport / Chinadaily

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