99% Visa Refusal In These Cases! Please Pay Attention!

If you still think that applying for the visa is just to submit the application, prepare the materials and pay the visa fee, it’s sorry to tell you: your thoughts are time to change. 

First of all, the visa issuance rate is not 100% in all countries, which means that you are probably rejected after applying for a visa. So why? 

99% Visa Refusal In These Cases! Please Pay Attention!

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Generally, the consulate will not give you a detailed explanation of the reasons for the visa being rejected. Even if the refusal letter only lists a few fixed terms, it will not tell you which one or several terms you do not match.

Based on years of experience, we have summarized the several reasons for you.

Unclear Aim

The government suspects that the applicants have a tendency of illegal and labor immigration, or be engaged in activities inconsistent with visa information. Someone may endanger China’s national security or interests, or disrupt social and public order, or engage in other illegal or criminal activities. 

99% Visa Refusal In These Cases! Please Pay Attention!

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For example

For example, when reviewing the purpose of the trip, the government finds that you are not travelling according to the purpose of the travel you are applying for, but for other purposes or to take a tourist visa to visit the exhibition or negotiate business.

Unreal Personal Information

Before processing visas, the officers of embassy will verify whether your information is real or not. If there is something untrue or inaccurate, you will be likely to be rejected a visa application! 


Try not to make fake information, or you will be found out, 99%!

Inadequate Materials

Before visa application , you should be clear about the written requirements of the embassy. In addition, there might be some extra supporting document you need to hand in. If you fail to submit relevant information required by the visa-issuing authorities, you will fail to get  a visa.


Be well-prepared in case of being rejected because of inadequate materials!

Ineligible for Getting A Visa

Good family relationship, social background, economic capability and departure records are significant to get a visa.


99% Visa Refusal In These Cases! Please Pay Attention!

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If you are in a poor economic condition, which cannot guarantee your overseas expenses, or if you had been rejected and there had been a “Stamp for Visa Refusal” on your passport, you will also fail to get a visa!

Physical / Mental Illness

Visa will not be granted to patients with severe mental disorders, infectious tuberculosis, or other infectious diseases that may cause significant harm to public health.

Other Reasons

If you give a reply in a vague, uncertain, or ill-mannered way that is inconsistent with your submitted materials when the officer of embassy makes a phone verification to you, you will get into visa-refusal trouble!


Well, it is really annoying to be rejected a visa! But don’t worry, you can click the link below to find a more efficient way to get your visa.

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