HACOS, A Solution Master for Business Services.



Products and Services 

International Logistics

Focusing on the lane of the Middle East,Red Sea and India and Pakistan for 10 years.


Years of professional background and one-stop agency service help you succeed in your business.

Tax &Accounting

Your finance and tax expert who plays an essential role in your enterprise’s development.

Visa Services

Your visa assistant who helps you manage working visa, business visa, family visiting visa, transit visa and so on easily.

Intellectual Property

Specializing in international and national trademarks, helping enterprises to own their unique trademarks

Offshore Company Service

Discovering infinite business opportunities in International Finance Centre, choosing Hong Kong Company and stepping to the world

Trade Service

Breaking trade barriers and completing global trade easily 

Make Difference

What’s HACOS?

We aspire to be the first brand that foreign businessmen trust, the business guide, life assistant and friendly partner of foreigners in China.


The name of HACOS is derived from the words,” Happy, Cooperation and Share” which are also the brand DNA of HACOS. 

Our Associations

We are HACOSers with attitude! We work hard and Play hard! HACOS Running Association strengthens our bodies and HACOS Reading Association expands our horizons.

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